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Straight outta 90’s Golden Age, MALAS JEANS is back in action. The brand represents the Italian Streetwear first generation with the iconic Baggy pants, original symbol of Hip Hop Culture.

Malas was the avant-garde of a new fit inspired by American Rappers and remixed with Italian sartorial skills.

In 1996 the first prototypes of the Malas Baggy Jeans came out of the family tailor’s shop and were distributed nationwide through a network of specialized retailers and own catalogs’ mail order, pushed by a word of mouth and advertisements on Aelle Magazine.

WAG, the most important store for the Italian Hip Hop scene, was the first to support Malas Jeans: their Baggy Jeans with the calligraphed logo embroidery on the back pocket and the “oversize” fit sold out in just one weekend.

The MALAS brand joined a lot of collabos with the most important Italian Rap Artists such as OTR and La Pina, DJ Double S, Fritz da Cat, Bassi Maestro, ATPC, Mauri B, Chief and Soci, Ensi and Sottotono.

Moreover the brand started the collaboration with the crew of producers ILLCIRCUITO, origin of the Milanese DJs duo later known as Pink is Punk, distribuiting Mixtapes.

The grand opening of the Flagship Store in 2001 and the production of their own skateboard decks places Malas at the core of the Italian skateboarding market. The addiction to skateboarding has been celebrated in 2007 with the release of the video Born Out, which features the riders of the team filmed during their tours around Europe.

Today Malas Jeans returns with the original 90’s Mood. The Golden Age Streetwear.