The 22nd of June 2016 we closed the 4th edition of the Denim Boulevard – run by the team of Tab Communication srl – and here’s the recap with the highlights from our fair dedicated to the denim production chain.


In primis, to cut out ordinary was the aim of the performances of the valuable barbers gathered by Luxina for ‘Mugshot Barber Deal‘, people of the likes of Hiro (La Barbieria di Milano), Sen Martin Academy, Salvatore Giampiccolo, Fabio Pellegrino, Gino Coviello, Martina Carnevale, Michele Sac, Manuel Riveiro, Omar Barber Cadei, Ruggero Poli, Nicola Marino, Giorgio Iacob, Leon Tony Barber Shop, Davide Greco, Gianni il Barbiere, Simone Boscolo, James Donnelly, Stefano Hype Barber, Marco Baicin, Alessandro Bons Bonetto and Jerry Di Sibio.


Then, giving its natural colour to the DB-16 were the live indigo-dye workshops cured by Hasnain Lilani (from Pakistan-based eco-friendly label Kassim Denim) and Annegrette Affolderbach (from fashion & textile brand UK Choolips), who coordinated their participants in dyeings based upon natural indigo with several creative techniques.


Furthermore, close to the display of three Harley-Davidsons outside the My Archive-museum by Antonio Di Battista or the pics for ‘The Frozen Few’ by bandit photographer Cory Piehowicz and hosted among the set-up with Americana mood by Lost & Found, we find the brands and designers protagonists of the DB-16 ad hoc.

db2016_post4 db2016_post5

From the Rising Sun’s denim emperors such as Studio D’Artisan, Orgueil, Samurai Jeans, Redmoon and Forty Niners to USA legends like Levi’s (which at the event also projected ‘The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original’ video), Tellason, Santa Cruz and Sperry; and from top European labels such as ENDRIME, A S R, Jack & Jones and Nicole Ajimal to Italian scene masters like Candiani, Tela Genova, Manifattura Ceccarelli, Attrezzeria 33 – Laboratorio Base, Blue Blanket and Blessed.

db2016_post6 db2016_post7

In the end, all we can do is give our thanks to all the buyers, participants and denim-lovers who came and met us at the Denim Boulevard 2016, for the first time at the Spirit de Milan location, ‘out of the blue’!

cristalleria_39-1920x1280The retro-style atmosphere, an outlying road in the heart of the Bovisa neighborhood where walls covered in ivy host the headquarters of “Cristallerie Livellara”… This is the home of “Spirit of Milan”. Open since summer 2015, the space has become at once the ideal location where to spend time with friends, listening to good music and tasting quality food. In short, no better place to feel comfortable that perfectly fits the new Denim Boulevard Edition.cristalleria_02-1920x1080 cristalleria_04-1920x1280 cristalleria_33-1920x1280