Baracuta is proud to invite you to the new Milan store at Via de Amicis, 24.


baracuta_milano_vetrina-1Milan hosts the second Baracuta flagship store, that follows a year later the opening of the London store at Newburgh Street. The idea of the store is the perfect union between the history and the characteristic style of the iconic brand, an homage to the originality and the authenticity of Baracuta, that has the Harrington Jacket as core item.

The new Baracuta Milan store introduces the costumer into a pleasant and well-balanced space, that offers a British aesthetics. The attention to the details and the precision are the main themes of the store, that has a furniture carefully chosen. The colours emphasize the products and strategically split the internal space. baracuta_milano-1Ceramic, wood and copper cable are some of the materials with whom the store is decorated, while both the exteriors and the interior are combined in a unique representation of the Baracuta style.

The Baracuta Milan store will allow the brand to show up his unique and original universe, becoming a place aligned with the values of the brand, greeting the clients and giving them a piece of the iconic history of Baracuta at every visit.

We’re waiting for you to give you our warmest welcome.

Baracuta Milan store, Via de Amicis 24.