Meet the new unique piece made in NYC from Corridor.



When it comes to create versatile outfit and skilful tailoring, Corridor goes never wrong. Thus, approaching the decline of summer, the American brand presents its new Raw Denim Lined Overshirt whereby you’ll be able to face the first crisp fall days.
Corridor2Since it is made from a raw 2×1 twill Japanese denim, it will fade enough to give it some personal touch in order to make unique your denim piece. The shirt’s interior is lined with a flannel lining so it will keep you warm in the coolest weather and it shows two hip-level pockets (one with a slot to place a cellphone).Corridor-4So, If you still have not thought about switching to your winter wardrobe, it is time to do so and to add a little yankee’s style to your collection, you should not miss this apparel.

Available on Corridor .