Samurai1The main concept of Samurai Jeans, internationally renowned Japanese label, directly links the brand product to its customers. The value of each piece represents a shared belief of the producer and the wearer, an implicit agreement, which is established through mutual trust. One of the key features of SJ raw denim are its leather waistband labels – which vary for each model – inspired by the classic fighting scene between warriors Musashi and Koijiro, placed at the Fuji mountain and the Torii door (traditional line between sacred and profane). Furthermore, to celebrate history and traditional symbols of samurai culture, the most representative and admirable selvedge denim series is called Sword Selvage. Samurai used to follow bushido – the code of conduct and perhaps that’s the reason why SJ is still paying tribute to the beauty and the quality of vintage, thanks to a strong passion for that denim which altogether changes look of it’s wearer. Samurai4Samurai5Samurai3Samurai2