A journey into the SS2015 collection from Jacob Cohen: research, innovation, creativity.


JACOBCOHEN2Itw by Antonio Isaja.

Pics by Denis Piccolo, product pics by Riccardo Miracoli.


It goes on our traditional ‘travel’ inspiration, which by now is Jacob Cohen’s distinctive mark, a formula that not only got an inspirational and evocative function, but also tends to reaffirm the wish to be real. It is also an effective opportunity for an exclusive and original look, nevertheless in line with the needs of the customers’ lifestyles, more and more active. As already mentioned above, our inspirational philosophy is focused on the requirements of true travellers. They can’t be missing some of the iconic pieces referring back to archetypes born in the past in order to fulfill specific travelling needs or functional requirements of certain sectors such as workwear or military, which has always been the point of reference. Hence the field-jackets and chinos – not to mention the 5-pocket pants!JACOBCOHEN1WHAT KIND OF FABRICS DID YOU USE AND WHAT STYLISTIC CHOICES DID YOU ADOPT IN TERMS OF FIT?

Since its origins, Jacob Cohen’s collection is, first of all, about research, innovation and often features newness from the fabric viewpoint. It is also about collaborations with the best suppliers from both denim industry and cotton or wool fabrics. For the denim dedicated part, side by side with the traditional and exclusive Japanese fabrics, we started to collaborate with North-American and Italian suppliers as well, absolute leaders in their field. Regarding fits, we reclaim our best ones, together with alternative structures (or better, finishing ones) like denim chinos line and other more skinny fit like the 696 and 672 styles, for a customer with different needs and a widely age-targeted scene.JACOBCOHEN3WHAT ARE THE PIECES YOU TRUST IN THE MOST? IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THIS COLLECTION’S BEST-SELLING ITEMS TO BE?

Jacob Cohen’s customer is an extremely loyal customer. Once discovered and enjoyed the brand, he lives in it and endorses it. We tend to promise the certainty that those enthusiasts will always find, even if enhanced and improved by continuous research, the same icons they are so fond of.  Obviously the offer is wide but there is always room for new ideas, just like the ‘evolution of the species’ that allows a careful and thorough customer to fulfill his needs while maintaining his loyalty for the brand. Denims are our best-sellers as usual, unique thanks to their sartorial construction, for which fabrics produced by big companies such as Kurabo and Kuroki are used, displaying wonderful softness and weave mixed with amazing indigo dye. All the Garments are coordinated with Jacob Cohen iconic Leather Jackets, made of very smooth leathers of really polished colours.JACOBCOHEN4 JACOBCOHEN5 JACOBCOHEN6