A look on the SS-2015 collection of IMjiT 35020.


IMJIT1Itw by Antonio Isaja

Pics by Denis Piccolo; product pics by Riccardo Miracoli


Our collection is not very structured and classic, it’s more of an archive focusing on Japan or Italy-woven denim – with an extremely rare artisan image and feel – so independently on the season we’re focusing our research on not conventionally summer weights. The inspiration comes from our study of ‘custom-cut’ solutions, we don’t refer back to specific themes but we try to show our artisan approach through details and the means of manufacture; the aim is to express it through the technique of our working method, of being a factory.IMJIT5WHAT KIND OF FABRICS DID YOU USE AND WHAT STYLISTIC CHOICES DID YOU ADOPT IN TERMS OF FIT?

We research weights from 8.5 to 11 oz. (more suitable for Mediterranean needs) with the colours khaki, camel, three or five indigo vats, matching the cotton-linen composition. On fabrics like IMjiT35020 Manufactus the rope dyeing is essential, and a never too soft hand feel. Now we’re launching a range where low tension of the weave is very visible (already noticeable in raw stage and more noticeable over the years with the natural wear). First of all, we are ‘tailor-made’ lab- we got eight different fits, from skinny to extreme anti-fit. In our denim studio however, enthusiasts can customize the fit they want for themselves!IMJIT3WHAT ARE THE PIECES YOU TRUST THE MOST? IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THIS COLLECTION’S BEST-SELLING ITEMS TO BE?

Considering the in-store sales, the best sellers are the classic Regular 806 or 805 jeans, respectively with high or low-rise waist. Another model that brings us huge satisfaction is our Carrott 803s, ideal for the ones riding their bike non-stop: Ergonomics of this fit allow for the heavier weights as well – like the 16 oz. – to be suitable for an almost sporty use. The 803s, 805 and 806 fits are achieving great success amongst people of various age. For our fans in general, the denim-addicts that come meet us, the selection focuses on the Regular 806, with 21 cm bottom and denim weight between 14 and 16 oz. In reality that often depends on the country, denim culture in Italy prefers weight between 11 and 14 oz. IMJIT2