Memory's Motorcycles, in collaboration with Officine Mermaid, made a special capsule collection born from their passion in common: give a new life to what surrounds them and they love, in order to make it unique and exclusive.


MOTORCYCLE3Itw by Antonio Isaja

Pics by Denis Piccolo – Product pics by Riccardo Miracoli


This special capsule collection made with Officine Mermaid, which is based in the heart of the first European Motoquarter (in Milan, via G. Thaon Di Revel), has got three goals: to excite, to relive and to dare. It’s a synergy brought forth by a mutual passion: giving a second life to what surrounds us and to what we love – in order to make it unique and exclusive – both whether it’s the desirable motorcycle or the garment that defined us best. To harmonize a way of living with a way of dressing is the big aim of Memory’s Motorcycles. A label that’s telling a story about travelling aimlessly, pleasant surprises, unexpected encounters, escaped dangers and impossible dreams, through pieces that are free of technical aspect and soaked with all the emotions that life on two-wheels can provide. It’s about garments that carry along legends of the past, and untold yet real stories – drawing inspiration from the ‘old-school custom’.MOTORCYCLE4HOW WAS THIS PROJECT BORN? WHAT FABRICS DID YOU ADAPT?

Memory’s Motorcycles is a project born from the main brand Memory’s ltd. Sticking to a philosophy that goes beyond fashion and trends, Memory’s ltd aims to go through eras and to recover the origins of its own history. Re-use in order not to forget. Re-invent in order to bring the dream back. That’s the purpose of recycling to Memory’s ltd. In addition to the ecological aspect there are as well fashion vibes and the travel philosophy. Besides denim and quality cottons, this capsule cleverly reinterpreted and exploited certain fabrics used for tents, sacks and military equipment, or the covering tarps for rail transport (just to mention a few), to create unique garments of their own.MOTORCYCLE2WHAT IS THE TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS CAPSULE?

The Memory’s Motorcycles capsule wasn’t thought for two-wheel professionals, but for dreamers, romantics who are nostalgic about the past and who aren’t pleased with just wearing a piece of vintage clothing, but wish to be protagonists in a story – a dream – without giving up the chance of having a trendy look. Each garment is dedicated to the ones who love to explore reality in its nuts and bolts, escaping from what is taken for granted and always looking for their own interpretation.MOTORCYCLE