Interview with Companion Denim, brand faithful to the values of quality, durability, honesty and respect for the environment.


Itw by Antonio Isaja; pics by Denis Piccolo; product pics by Riccardo Miracoli.Companion5WHAT CHARACTERIZES YOUR SS-2015 COLLECTION FROM THE INSPIRATION VIEWPOINT?

Companion Denim has a real passion for denim in its broadest sense. We pay attention to clean design in particular, but we are also inspired by the classic construction and vintage styles all the same.Companion3WHAT KIND OF FABRICS DID YOU USE AND WHAT STYLISTIC CHOICES DID YOU ADOPT IN TERMS OF FIT?

We only work with the finest raw selvedge denim available, coming usually from Japan, USA or Italy. We’ve been searching for mid-weight denim for Summer 2015, and have come up with designs very special for Japan, that will be released soon.Companion4WHAT ARE THE PIECES YOU TRUST IN THE THE MOST? IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THIS COLLECTION’S BEST-SELLERS TO BE?

We have one very special pair of jeans that everyone falls in love with. It’s beautiful Japanese 15 oz. green-cast denim, made from Zimbabwe cotton. It’s really distinctive denim, which is suitable both for winter and