Txt by Antonio Isaja – Pics by Cristian “Murio” Murianni

After a six months of intense work-in-progress, the bond between Eral 55 and Orgueil brand (a line by Studio D’Artisan) have culminated. Finally in January 2015 the pieces of the collaboration were officially in-store ready to please the Milanese clientele. The real fruit of the collaboration of this engaging duo is pair of pants with cuts inspired by the typical workwear style, made of two kinds of fabric – a 13 ¾ oz. selvedge denim and a herringbone in goose-beak colour. Eral2Both fabrics were used in some other garments within the Orgueil collection. Ermanno’s idea was to add more attitude through details that would highlight the inspiration behind the production of these pieces; relaxed fit, 21 cm bottom, more elevated, tighter belt-loops, welt pockets, inner buttons to support suspenders and absence of rivets – and also more unusual details, such as button different from the others in the denim model.Eral1Therefore, a couple of pants with balanced and up-to-date fit, to be worn cropped at the particular level with the shoe, and characterized by workwear inspired finishes – with the added values of the taste and experience of a professional such as Ermanno.Eral4Eral5