Interview with 2W2M who talk us about the SS 2015 collection: inspirations, stylistic choices and their best-selling items.


Itw by Antonio Isaja


Our Compagnia Del Denim (Denim Company) is a creative lab that through its processes closes in on what happens in an artist atelier. Just as an artist creates depending on his studies and passions, so does the 2W2M style office. It gives life not only to a simple product, but a proper timeless artwork. This is all thanks to its experience in collaborating with denim artisans. The same way as artists would use sketches, so does 2W2M style office. It works with prototypes in order to make sure that no details are left to chance. That allows (like for great artworks) each 2W2M piece to achieve a look that is innovative and current. That is why the SS-2015 collection is dedicated to the artist, his creative process and to his muse. This meant that we were able to draw our inspiration from the artist’s atelier and open a window into a painter’s intimate universe including complete works and the process in between.2W2M-3WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES DID YOU USE AND WHAT STYLISTIC CHOICES DID YOU ADOPT REGARDING FITS?

Sticking to our own identity and know-how, the SS-2015 collection by 2W2M offers a wide range of quality fabrics, with a link to the traditions of Japan. Unexpected aspects become innovative treatments and washes – especially in denim, that now more than ever is at the forefront of catwalks all around the world. In our laundry, an intuition transforms into a prototype and so a new project gets brought forth. Shades, hues, millings and repairs are the results of the experience that comes from hard-working and creative hands. The skilled hands of artisans specializing in vintage-looking treatments while maintaining and in full respect of all the denim features. That’s what gives the final product a superior quality and a unique style, like if it was a customized and tailor-made artifact, with an unmistakable fashion touch.2W2M-slpttWHAT ARE THE PIECES YOU MOSTLY TRUST IN? IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THIS COLLECTION’S BEST-SELLING ITEMS TO BE?

Our best-sellers for 2M are still the Paul Newman, Steve, Bad and Japan models, while 2W most popular piece remains the Morich, followed by the Marylin, from Iperslim line and with puh-up effect. Our women’s boyfriend styles bring excellent results, such as the Fanny, and with the baggy-cropped silhouette Alexa, great trend of the SS-2015, together with the big comeback of the overall. We’re offering it particularly in four versions: Iperslim, Boyfriend, with shorts or oversize skirt.2W2M-jeans