Braves & Company was created in 2015 for the people who seek a sartorial and old-time denim elegance. It evolved to a community of people who share traditional values and appreciation for timeless quality.

Without keeping the traditional rhythm of seasonal collections, Braves & Co. evolves slowly by offering continuously new styles & fabrics.

Since 2020, started offering the goods to selected stores as well, targeting to keep it in a small scale and limited. 

Garments are made in Italy, with the majority of fabrics from Italy & Japan.

‘This new batch of styles is dedicated to our tradition and the slow living of Italy. Reflects the simple life, and our personal habits. 

A selection of premium Italian special indigo & ecru dobbies, combined with retro colors and selvedge denim, the styles are inspired by daily humans and simple routines.

Cycling with the old-school Bianchi towards the little cafe to play cards with friends. Enjoying the time to read a book, drink a coffee and make a walk’

From indigo sartorial looks, to western kicks and retro workwear to elegant wide forms, the outfits are uncomplicated, made to last in every wardrobe.

Selvedge fabrics combined with dry twill & soft cotton-wool keeping a rugged grace on the outfits. Clean heavy bull denim is mixed with heritage stripes specially weaved for Braves & Company to maintain a utilitarian sartorial look.

With a retro perspective, uses contrast threads, inspired by 70s personalities & lifestyle.

Braves & Company introduces new styles for women in this new round. The Holiday pant inspired by 30s workwear, the Deliah shirt as a utility heavy shirt, the Yoko lounge jacket and the Belle Starr western shirt.

For the refined rugged gentleman, Braves & Co. offers as an alternative to the classic companies, the Edgar shirt with cufflinks and different collar type shirts.

With Javier Jose and Sadie, we Captured the styles on a Sunday in March of 2021 with Giovanni Mafrici behind the camera. With his passion and energy, he photographed every single aspect, revealing the value of the products.

Christoph (aka Camerabuddy), made an amazing video, reflecting all values and quality of the styles.