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In search of the roots of the Cowboys and rural traditions…

The Ranch is in the North West of the territory in a wonderful natural setting, in an alternation of gentle hills and valleys crossed by rivers, a unique show of colors and shades, a landscape of singular beauty between nature reserves and protected parks.

Here Drew with the love of his life Nat governs horses and cattle in a free, raw, true way, always in the saddle, handing down 500 years of Buckaroo tradition and culture and with a mind always ready to study and implement Ranch Academy.

R.A. is a “working cowboy school” with activities linked to the ancient traditions of the American frontier. Ranch life in its entirety: large spaces, livestock, saddle travel and adventure.
Drew’s “slow education in life” begins in the Lazio Maremma with the large pastures, rustic and wild horses and the great tradition of the Butteri with the first experiences with work horses.

After his first engagement in Wyoming he will make his bones then in Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, California and Montana among extraordinary landscapes, simple, hard and direct people, between difficult and tenacious horses and immense herds.
Thanks to the skill and tenacity in dealing with this real hard life, Drew can boast of sharing it but above all he can boast the friendship of great masters such as Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Warren Johnson or the great Maestro Mauro Ferraris of Riserva Alpitrek.

Drew is also a journalist and writer as well as being an excellent draftsman, the book “HORSEPOWER”, which collects the exciting photographs of Natalia Estrada, dedicated to the horse, is full of his drawings and poems.
In the cozy Tana between wood, reins and Cowboy hats on the walls, we drink an American coffee, smoke a cigar and with Drew we examine in detail some of the clothing he has worn in recent years from sturdy denim jeans to field jackets up to commemorative shirts of the Rodeo or outdoor pieces unearthed in North American General Stores.

The importance for details and the search for robust fabrics that can be resistant and practical at the same time when riding, the importance of the fit of Filson or Carhartt jackets with shorter sleeves to facilitate work or hunting, the importance of snap-buttons in western shirts or their fit to protect from the wind, sturdy and reinforced Denim Wrangler, yellow Schaefer raincoats and Gus hats 50x Beaver …

We appreciate the workmanship and the wear and tear also experienced in the imagination through the stories of Andrea “Drew” Mischianti ,with him we share this other great passion.

Thank you.