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This period of forced blocking has allowed Paolo Gnutti, CEO of PG Denim to create and develop his new collection: THE DOCG COLLECTION.

“The term DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) — says Paolo Gnutti, founder of PG Denim — represents exactly all the values and principles that I follow every time I have to create a new collection. Research on the market for the best raw materials, thorough control of each step of the production chain, quality assurance of a unique, sophisticated and fashionable product. All this following a work ethic and respect for the environment typical of all the collections of the most innovative company in the denim sector worldwide”.

The DOCG collection is an explosion of colors, 3D effects, flock and prints finishes, where performance does not cover the uniqueness of an authentic denim fabric.
Once again PG Denim creates a unique collection, made of research and innovation, with the aim of bringing fashion back to the forefront of next season.


Is the range which explores the contaminations between cotton and vinyl ,crossing the traditional boundaries of indigo fabric, even though it has remained in touch with the authentic Italian tradition.


It is a range entirely produced using viscose flock , resulting in unique garments which achieve different effects depending on the washing processes.
A well-established must-have that cannot be missed in any collection.


Is the line inspired by the metallized colors of cars and Harley in the 1950s and ‘60s, with colors pastes glittering against very dark fabric backgrounds , creating an imperceptible painted effect, a really custom-made denim.


This is a collection designed and developed to face the new needs originated from this lock-down period. The clothing are super comfortable as well as fashionable, in order to make us feel cool every time, even when we are working from home. Practical and comfy garments are what we are looking for right now, suitable for car travels, airplane, but also ideal for working from home and going out right after without changing your outfit. For this Chameleon-like collection, the main colors are indigo, black and ecrù.


With this collection PG DENIM wants recreate the creed of tattoos on fabrics. Denims become a second visual skin that reproduce on the garments the love for tattoos. They are the most personal and individual symbol a person can choose to apply on the skin, is a concept, is a form of expression and somehow represents our DNA. The collection is tribute to the deep expression of tattoo art, embodying the DNA of the brand on its garments.


A capsule collection produced 100% without the use of cotton, but keeping its original and authentic look. It will be available very soon. Stay tuned to not miss this very important new milestone.


One of the most important tenets behind PG Denim is the constant research in order to create new technologies and fabric processing. This time the brand is working to become increasingly green, with the ultimate goal of having 100% sustainable product, always paying attention to trends and to the most fashionable side.

The company has also recently been awarded the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. PG DENIM strictly follows the international standards Dtox, Reach and Gots in all its processing phases; raw materials are made of the BCI and Organic Cotton Standards. This is the underlying concept of the recently implemented major process innovations as regards both environmental impact and recycling of production waste.

More specifically, as concerns dyeing fabrics with reaction and sulphur-based processes, PG DENIM has designed a system which reduces the amount of chemicals used by 40%, water requirement by 50%, and CO2 emissions by 60%, leading to better penetration levels and outcomes in the crocking process.

PG DENIM is one of the very few companies on the market which can offer a range of items made using more than 60% recycled material in total (with an average of no more than 35%). As part of this procedure, most of the waste from the process and after use is recycled, creating a range of items with cotton obtained from the regeneration of these two types of waste.


The company was founded between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 from the idea of the CEO and founder Paolo Gnutti. He created this company 100% Made in Italy with a fully integrated supply chain focused on garments for medium-high range productions. PG Denim studies, conceives and designs fabrics dedicated to unforgettable and unique concepts for the fashion market. We collaborate with major international brands to create customized collection.


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