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Our industry is one of vision, creativity, efficiency and beauty. The need for originality, speed and flexibility calls for partners to work together so to accelerate real innovation.

On Feb 23rd at 12:50 EST (18:50 CET), during Kingpins24 FLASH, the combination of two breakthrough technologies – THE Laser by TONELLO and Laser Smoother by RUDOLF HUB1922 – is going to propel the industry to a whole new dimension.

The collaboration between TONELLO and RUDOLF HUB1922 was born in a very natural way. Somehow it was inevitable given the path that both companies share and that is characterized by common vision, continuous rhythm of innovation and genuine respect for the environment. Those synergic and concerted efforts have resulted in a dream that is now being taken to market: a much simplified, flexible and efficient process – based on latest technological advancements and highly conscious chemistry – that is finally able to replace questionable practices such as potassium permanganate spray and where the only tradeoff … is a better look.

Two are the key ingredients at the base of such an impressive leapfrog:

THE Laser, the absolute Laser

The range that is the new benchmark for the entire sector. New software and a totally reinvented process that return higher precision, speed, flexibility and repeatability. Four models for a specific crafting and avant-garde functions like 360° marking technology, BOP for automatic drawing positioning and the new software CREA make THE Laser suitable and unique for advanced applications.

Laser Smoother (RUCO-SPECIAL LSM)

That translates into a very natural image that is similar to what is created by hand. RUCO SPECIAL LSM amplifies the laser action, completely removes the grey/brow patina produced by the burning of cotton and last but not least, creates a micro-unevenness that simulates manual scraping and celebrates the fabric construction.

The combination of THE Laser and RUCO-SPECIAL LSM. It is a radical paradigm shift that takes the product directly to a dimension of real, highly sustainable craftsmanship:

Remarkable enhancement of the fabric’s characteristics;

Overall effect much more natural and similar to manual scraping;

A better and more efficient way of working.

Tonello and RUDOLF GROUP have definitely reinvented laser processing and firmly changed the rules of the game.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

About TONELLO S.R.L. :

For 40 years we have been a reference point for the most important laundry and dyeing companies all over the world and for fashion brands – it’s because we don’t simply make machines but we produce ideas. We design, develop and manufacture our machines: they are well and truly ‘ours’.

We make them in our own factories, monitoring every stage of the process; for it is only like this that, we can assure our customers that these machines are exactly what we promise in terms of efficiency, sustainability and productivity.
We make every mechanical and electronic component, we create our own software and we assemble and test every finished product: always using the most advanced installations and technologies. Our work ethic and our attention to detail is the same today as it was on the day we began. Because we are basically the same as we were all those years ago.

And, like then, we always look ahead, to create a better future.

About RUDOLF GmbH :

RUDOLF GmbH, It is specialized in innovative and high-quality chemical products, predominantly textile auxiliaries, products for textile care as well as construction chemicals.

1745 employees in 45 countries around the world guarantee logistical as well as technical service. The combination of backwards integration, development know-how, exact knowledge of market requirements and thorough technical application expertise make RUDOLF GmbH an experienced and competent partner for the customers of the textile finishing industry, co- producers and many other industries. Quality Management and certification according to DIN ISO 9001:14001 go without saying. RUDOLF offers products is a bluesign system partner.

In addition, as a member of the chemical industry, it lives the philosophy of the voluntary Responsible Care initiative, which stands for responsible action in the fields of environment, safety and health.

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