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Introducing Kepa Acero, surfer, traveler and activist

In fall/winter of 2020, Dockers® partnered up with surfer Jon Rose and his foundation Waves For Water to keep building on its strong commitment to sustainability. While Waves For Water has helped supply clean drinking water around the world for ten years now, Dockers®, another brand born in California, has spent those same ten years using Water<Less® techniques to help reduce the brands environmental footprint. In 2020, Dockers® saved 24 million of water and recycled 42 million more with the Water<Less® techniques. That’s why the partnership with Jon Rose and Waves For Water is the perfect match for leveraging the talents of both to work towards a better future for people all over the world.

This season, Dockers® is partnering up with Basque surfer Kepa Acero, who grew up watching his brother competing with Jon Rose. Since then, Jon has been an inspiration for Kepa on how to build a better world while following your passion. For Kepa, this passion means exploring the oceans, looking for places to connect with the environment while, at the same time, helping local communities.

One day, he grabbed his backpack and boards and traveled alone to Namibia. That trip was a real eye-opener for Kepa: “I lived with a family in a tribe in the north and made their lifestyle my own.” From that moment on, he never stopped traveling: Angola, Alaska, Indonesia, Senegal… And, in doing so, he learned the importance of taking action to protect the environment while helping people. He is one of the creators of Ocean52, a healthy drink with minerals from the deep ocean that allocates 52% of profits to ocean protection as part of a mission to raise awareness and change behavior. He also developed a unique project in Senegal called “It’s not only about waves”, to which people donate boards that are used to teach the locals to enjoy the waves just like he does.

So, when Kepa was asked by Jon Rose and Dockers® to spread the word of Waves For Water cause in Europe, he didn’t hesitate a moment. Dockers® is sharing Kepa’s story through an inspiring video that lets viewers watch him surf the waves of Mundaka, discover unique footage of his travels and see him accepting Jon Rose and Dockers’ proposal.

Dockers® is launching the Waves For Water Challenge on World Water Day on March 22. For every video posted on Instagram of a person making a 360º circle with a glass of water on their hand and challenging their friends, tagging @DockersEurope and #DockersW4W, Dockers® will donate a filter to Waves For Water to provide clean drinking water to communities around the world. Dockers® aims to donate 500 water filters to Waves For Water. Why a 360º circle with a glass of water? To represent that everyone around the globe has the right to have access to clean drinking water.

Kepa is encouraging fellow surfers to join the Dockers Waves For Water Challenge, helping to raise awareness for the initiative and asking everyone to add the hashtag #DockersW4W to Instagram posts and challenge their friends. While doing it, Kepa is wearing a pair of Dockers® Heritage Chino made with Water<Less® techniques to save water. Because every drop counts!

After this, what’s next for Kepa? His backpack is full of new challenges: “Humans have the virtue of being curious and wondering what is around the next corner. My longing to find undiscovered waves around the world never ends.”