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In an atmosphere suspended in time, we discover the secrets of the last historic hat factory in Monza (F.lli Vimercati), following the various phases of felt processing, in an industrial space of the early twentieth century.

‘Work’ is at the center of the objective of this photo shoot dedicated to Italian craftsmanship and its excellence.

The protagonist is the workwear collection by Tela Genova that authentically reproduces historical garments made with handcrafted selvedge cloths and with techniques faithful to the past.

The Raw Hat brims complete the heritage and unique look in an environment linked to history rich in wood shapes and cast iron machinery from the turn of the century and among the steam with skill we see a true ‘bespoke’ western hat being created.

“It is not the well-being nor the splendor, but the tranquility and work that give happiness.”

(Thomas Jefferson)



With the SS21 collection, Tela Genova tells about its inestimable craftsmanship, creativity and know-how that provides, season after season, answer to changing needs without ever forgetting tradition.
Here, then, is where the contemporary and heritage worlds skillfully coexist giving voice to the Made in Italy’s authenticity.

The contemporary taste takes the form of slim, super slim, relax fit and of the timeless 5 pockets and chinos.
A stylistic journey, that of Tela Genova that goes beyond and embraces research; therefore, comfort and light denim and linen fabrics are washed with a special antibacterial product capable of withstanding up to 50 washes, thus protecting the garments from bacteria and microbes.

The attention paid not only to people, but also to the environment, lives in the organic cotton canvases and in the strong presence of linen, proposed in different weights: from the thin stretch gabardeine, to the thicker and thicker cotton bull.
The brand delves into memory meanwhile the aesthetic made up of exaggerated and comfortable volumes fully reflects the Italian brand’s strong point.

The cotton and linen canvas, as well as the libertador gabardines become the garments of the SS21 collection, where references to the military world live in the Tela Genova language. Fabric recycling techniques, blends of materials give life to rip stop fabrics and double cotton satin, a tangible story together with the blue china, beige, khaki and army colors of the past’s influences and of the military flavor.

In keeping with the Tela Genova style, the look is completed with button-down shirts in cotton chambray, over t-shirts and, of course, jackets.
The absence of chemical agents in the washing processes, carried out only with water and stones, gives even more value to the Tela Genova proposals, where grit and the “worker elegance” dresses men who are looking for garments capable of expressing their personality and life philosophy.

The natural energy of the collection is once again the authentication of know-how mixing contemporary yet timeless visions.