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Let’s make this simple, ‘raw’; with eighty three years experience in the field and an annual output of 25.000.000 m of fabric, Candiani Denim is the major European denim producer, moreover – as if it wasn’t enough – it’s also the world’s most sustainable one. In fact this leading company, born in ’38, family-run since four generations (from Luigi to Primo, from Gianluigi to Alberto), is based on the three values of made in Italy, innovation and sustainability, which are almost synonyms. The facts speak for themselves.

Let’s go in order. For the Candianis, the quality of the Italian manufacture and the link with its environment lies in the historical location Robecchetto – a tiny town located in the Ticino Park, a natural reserve – and in the more recent Malvaglio Plant, the new factory a few km away from the main mill (thanks to which they boast the most advanced industrial structure for denim). Then there’s innovation.

 Since the ’60s the family has been doing targeted investments in order to constantly improve the production and the quality of the fabric; so each sector has been enhanced and equipped ad hoc – not by chance Candiani supplies the best international brands with some of the fabrics most appreciated in fashion. One of its aces is stretch-denim; being one of the first movers producing stretch-denim Candiani has developed a special know how that allows them to continuously innovate on their premium stretch Denim that is used to create jeans that never lose their shape.

Candiani’s production process starts with R&D and the purchase of raw cotton. Further steps include spinning (Ring spinning system to produce rigid, comfort-stretch, super-stretch and power-stretch yarns), warping, dyeing (mostly indigo and sulfur colourants), weaving (shuttle and projectile looms), finishing (for stabilisation of the fabric and for enhancement of its aesthetics through special treatments such as pigment foamings or coatings) and quality control.

The waste of cotton during the production process is entirely reused to create recycled fabrics. Sure, that’s because in Candiani innovation equals sustainability. All the novelties it develops benefit from the whole production process. Amongst the latest in-house innovations one can find the N-Denim, a nitrogen-dyeing technology that allows the company to reduce significantly the consumption of water and chemicals, or the Indigo Juice dyeing technology that has been studied for no-water laundry treatments such as laser, ozone, ice etc… So, if the success of Candiani Denim is founded on their denim’s singularity since the origins, the label wishes to go on preserving the value and difference of the made in Italy even more so today – for everyone sharing its blue dream.