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Born in Tours in the 70’s, Arnaud Bauville (aka Mister French CanCan ) is a French artist who lives in the west south of France near Toulouse. At 14 he bought his first original redline LEVI’S in a vintage shop called “CHELSEA”. 50’s style became a passion for this young man and denim started to be for him the best way to live this period and to be different. The repro brands didnt exist 30 years ago and to find and original LEVI’S or LEE was not too hard for people who could make the difference.

At the age of 16, Arnaud bought his first 50’s vespa, his first doublebass and his first original BIG E denim jacket… a 507 type 2, same jacket he saw Elvis in “KING CREOLE with :-)… Price for this kind of stuff started to be high and it was the begining of the japanese invasion in USA and UK. During his graphic design studies The young vintage denim collector founded 50’s style rock’n’roll bands that plaid on worldwide scenes and travels for music became easily travel to hunt vintage. London was the place to be to found the best stuff in Kingsroad, Covent Garden and Camden where 50’s denims, gab shirts and horsehide jackets were quietly waiting for greasy hair collector teenagers. The early work clothes before 1940 were not very interesting and researched for the young hillbilly and rockabilly guys.

Leather jackets, engineer boots,  loafers and the Holly graal DENIM was the perfect and only uniform. In the 90’s Arnaud decided to leave his native town TOURS (200kms  south from Paris) to find a job in Toulouse as an illustrator. Since the 80’s, the south of France was very inspired with the vintage denim style. Towns as Marseille, Avignon, Montpellier and Toulouse knew a large period with many vintage shops and jeaners stylists. Arnaud spent his free time in all these spots and bought with friends stock of a closed vintage shop in Cap d’Agde called “Frip street”.

Vintage denim, 40’s and 50’s gab shirts and jackets, Hunting duck stuff, early 30’s,40’s western shirts and many more other treasures bought with his two best friends Stephane and Jose also musicians and vintage collectors.With time the indigo, duck and leather jackets collection of Mr French CanCan grew up and the more recent 50’s stuff was replaced with older 30’s 20’s ones.

In the early 2000 he created a blog called MISTER FRENCH CANCAN where he posted few times per week articles about his collection, trends in the denim and vintage society, and friends interviews who influences the retro fashion as Christophe Loiron, Christian Audigier… Today Arnaud is an artist who works for international art galleries and a vintage collector many worldwide collectors know well. Indigo is still his favorite colors for american and french stuff that is more and more expensive. After the american road trips Japanese guys are now on rural french roads.

Price of 20’s french indigo work coat can easily be more expensive than an american 50’s denim piece…  Far from the civilisation Arnaud lives now in an old farm where is his art studio and where you can visit showroom to buy early century french Moleskine, linen, coutil and duck stuff or check collection of denim, native rugs, whirling log jewelry , skookum dolls, original 30’s and 40’s denim, work and outdoor clotghing and many other rare stuff… Dont hesitate to contact him and visit his instagram “misterfrenchcancan”…He loves to speak about his passion and indigo blood that runs through his veins…