Mid’ 40s, the war is almost over, Irma is an elegant lady form Veneto( Italy) who is strolling by the lake, together with her best friend. Every now and then she looks at the sky hoping to see the airplane of her husband, a pilot in command.
This could be the beginning of a romantic movie depicting Italy during the second world war, but instead it’s a precious memory that Carlo keeps from stories about his grandmother. May be thanks to these stories Carlo gets so passionate about antique airplanes, motorbikes and all kinds of fast speed engines.
This exact passion drives him to construct this special moto Guzzi, named after his grandmother Irma… Noco is a recent story that begins in 2016, between the mountains of Valtellina, a splendid region of Italy.
The team is formed by Carlo Basci  – designer and Manuel Paruscio – car body specialist. Their intention is to dig into the pure old school craftsmanship and combine it with latest technology. In order to reach excellence in every aspect, they choose top specialist to outsource like Bruno Scola, a legend of Moto Guzzi,  and the boys from Mass exhaust.
All this gives them a great value for their clients, besides the fact that every single process is made inside the garage, from high-resolution 3D printing to wooden components fit for a motorbike, crafted with 1800 kg pressurising technology.
All this priceless knowhow is represented in this Moto Guzzi. It’s a celebration of precise customisations and unique special parts, made exclusively for this project. The fuel tank and the side panels for instance are made of high resistance pressurised wood as mentioned above. The metal details are laser cut, the coating is metal-flake, the tail goes with integrated stop as a natural continuation of the saddle in a combination with a minimal silhouette fairing above the headlight to contain the instrumentation.
Unusual forms and unusual customisations, almost nothing was left untouched by Noco’s creative spirit, not even the air filters or the cylinder heads. All the accessories are unique pieces. However, this moto is not only splendid but it’s also fast.
The guys were helped by their friend Bruno Scola for the customisation of the thermic parts: The displacement pushed from 850 cc to 1000 cc, pistons Gilardoni, camshaft OMS 1141 Bruno Scola trademarked, Crankshaft, rods e rocker arms balanced and polished, cylinder head processed with CNC to insert the dual spark plugs. Flywheel lightened from 7 kg to less than 2,5 kg. The 92 horse power roar thanks to double exhaust Hot Rod signed “Mass”.
Altogether, this Guzzi appears elegant and curated in every detail just like Mrs Irma from Veneto, but also has the Rock’n’roll spirt of Noco. So, watch out for these boys, we’ll have much more to see!
Brand and model: Moto Guzzi TS 850, Year: 1992,
Garage: Noco , Valtellina,,
Customisation period : 1456 Hours,
Engine: Motoguzzi from 850 to 1000, Mechanical collaboration: Bruno Scola,
Frame: Tonti,
Cylinder head: Dual Spark,
Flywheels: lightened ,
Exhaust: Mass Hot Rod,
Air Filter: Hightflow,
Camshaft: Bruno Scola,
Pistons: Gilardoni,
Carburator:  Dell’Orto 36,
Horse power:  92 HP
Fork: CLD Treatment (Carbon Like Dimond) Black,
Shock absorber: Bitubo Sport, Footrests: Alluminium
Special parts:
fuel tank, tail, electrical System, riser, side panel, fender: Noco Garage,
Saddle: LR Leather,
instrument and indicator: APEM,
Handlebar: Vintage Race,
Details: Coating, Gloss, and Aerography: Noco Garage,
Color: Red cherry metal flake