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One of the most important and representative fabric companies in Italy is Berto Industra Tessile. Born in 1887 as a small store of home and haberdashery articles, it was founded by the brothers Giuseppe and Egidio Berto. Thanks to the remarkable entrepreneurial ability of the two, the company began to produce fabrics for the sails of fishing boats at the beginning of the ‘900, being able to supply them (in a short time) to the renown Venetian fleet.

Between the 1920 and the 1950, what became Gruppo Tessile Berto (Berto textile group), evolved in a significant way its production, getting to produce fabrics for workwear. The historic italian brand knew how to face in the best way the changed and the developments during the years, valuing the patrimony given by experience and absorbing the fundamental ability of renewing itself, mission in which even today Berto Industria Tessile places its roots.

One of the peak moments for the historic company from Padova is without any doubt the haven in the world of denim in all of its applications. The denim division, focused on the conception, production and sell of the fabrics, represents today the core-business for Berto Industra Tessile. The research as an expression of trend, the design of innovative solutions and the continuous investment in avant-garde machineries made Berto one of the world reference points in the universe of the denim, and not only.

A bridge that links history to the future. History that still lives through the narration of the new collection of selvages “Blue Selvadge”, with avant-garde solutions and new investments that never forgot the past, coming back to producing jeans as they were in the past. All of this thanks to ancient original shuttle looms from the ’50s, restored with passion and preciseness by artisans that brought them to their old splendour, being able to weave as they used to. Looms made of cast iron, iron, wood and leather which, with they slow beating represent the heart of “Blue Selvadge By Berto” fabrics.

A future that stands on the research, the development and inclination towards sustainability starting from the exploration of new yarns from the dyeings of indigo, but also of colorations, up to the experimentation of finishes and always new effects that can skilfully value and embellish the denim fabric by Berto, making it every time unique. Berto Industria Tessile keeps producing, yesterday as today, very authentic fabrics, created to make every item inimitable and original… beautiful inside, with great personality, able to impart emotions and fulfilment to those who wear it.