Levi’s® and Disney, two brands connected by their rich  history, tap into their legendary iconography for a vibrant  and colorful collection featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse  and Goofy interacting across a range of modern Levi’s®  silhouettes. With a mix of graphics and embroidered images,  as well as quilted details, the Levi’s® x Disney Mickey &  Friends collaboration tells a graphic story of Mickey Mouse,  Minnie, Mouse and Goofy staying connected, staying true and  celebrates how joyful life can be as long as you’re together,  even when you’re apart.

“We found this amazing graphic from the ‘30s with Mickey  and Minnie on the phone, and we just felt like that image said  it all. We instantly knew that we wanted to do a collection  built around the idea of staying connected. And we wanted  to utilize these iconic Disney characters to tell that story. It’s  such an optimistic and upbeat message, and Disney gave us  a big graphics toolbox to work with, so it’s a really fun and  inspiring collection. And then, we infused a very ‘80s and  ‘90s vibe through silhouette and print direction, which makes  for something that’s so perfect for this moment.”—Karyn  Hillman, Chief Product Officer at Levi’s®

The collection includes a range of denim, tees, hoodies,  fleece, jackets, and accessories all featuring vibrant pops  of color and retro graphics of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse,  and Goofy. A throwback graphic of Mickey Mouse and Minnie  Mousechatting on an old-school rotary phone (not every  connection has to be made through fancy new technology),  can be found on the white Graphic Tees for both men’s and  women’s and the Padded Reversible Trucker Jacket for  men’s. Disney fans will also notice that Mickey Mouse and  Minnie Mouse graphics feature multiple art styles a nod to  their evolution and iconic styles over the years.

Many of the pieces in the collection also feature  quilted construction, like the women’s Reversible  Down Vest, with a solid yellow tone-on-tone  embroidery on one side, and a color boxed all-  over graphic print on the other. Or the Reversible  Bomber Jacket with quilted sleeves on one  side of the jacket and all black tone-on-tone  graphics on the other. There’s also Reversible  Crewneck, a quilted sweatshirt with all-over color  boxed graphic on one side and a solid grey with  embroidered Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and  Goofy on the other.

Denim comes in the form of the Levi’s® 502™  Taper for men, with an oversized Mickey Mouse  graphic down the right leg, and the Levi’s® High  Rise Boyfriend for women, with an oversized  Minnie Mouse graphic down the left leg. There’s  also the Padded Reversible Trucker Jacket with  an oversized printed graphic of Mickey Mouse  and Minnie Mouse on the back indigo side, and a  tone-on-tone graphic of Mickey Mouse and Minnie  Mouse, on the chest of the solid black side.


The Levi’s® x Disney Mickey & Friends collection  will be available on Levi.com, the Levi’s® App, in  Levi’s® stores, and in select wholesalers on 8th  December 2020.