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Sticking to such a motto as “It’s not just a clothing line – it’s a lifestyle”, Magnolia Pearl bets all on its original look’n feel, and it’s right.

This project was established in 2001, when Robin Brown opened her business with John Gray, selling clothing and accessories she made from vintage laces, velvets, silks and embroidered linens; over the last fifteen years her apparel has become internationally renowned, being sold in Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and more.

Another good news is that recently the brand’s flagship-store officially opened in the quaint little town of Fredericksburg (founded by German colonists in 1846), Texas – in a one-of-a-kind location on top of that.

Actually Magnolia Pearl’s Fredericksburg spot is nestled between blooming vineyards and peach orchards – housed in a suggestive German grain barn-style building made of reclaimed wood from all over the country – while old farm-tractors and Ford vans rest in peace amidst the store’s courtyard. Among its ‘recycle architecture’ then is a hand-crank platform elevator used in an old cotton mill in the late-‘800s, just like the columns and beams supporting this structure were hand-hewed by farmers and Amish craftsman over a hundred years ago (and hold sturdier than most materials sold today).

Inside such a unique set-up and frame, Magnolia Pearl’s products find their natural habitat, accurately displayed in all their timeless beauty. The distinctive feature of MP clothing – an eclectic men’s and especially women’s custom line spacing from clothing to accessory and footwear – is the polished nature of each and all its garments.

A creative potpourri of US ’30s workwear-inspired pieces above all (Amish work-styles too) showing Oriental and gipsy influences plus Western recalls – and wide space to denim and indigo-dyed clothes of course. Regarding materials, in the end, you get lost into MP’s mix of ‘natural-flavoured’ fabrics going from fine cottons to Robin’s signature linens, silks etc, arriving to Japanese boro-alike patchworks, retro applique and embroidery details as well.

So go discover MP store-clothing, and live this experience bringing you back in the US ’30s scenario, among lots of its typical memorabilia.

Magnolia Pearl – vintage daydream.