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“Between passion, steam and sweat comes the new Raw Hat ‘Fandango’ collection inspired by the myth of the West of the early 900’s century  where adventure, resourcefulness and effort were synonymous of freedom.”  A new collection and a new logo for Raw Hat and its hat makers who, thanks to a reinforced collaboration with Denim Boulevard by the Union Fade portal platform, launch the pre-order AW 20/21 with an Open Factory and a new shooting at the Cowboys Guest Ranch. Valuable collaborations such as that with the artist and illustrator Davide Biondi (already appreciated by many for his graphics and posters for events such as Boot Root, Volks’n’Roll and Denim Boulevard and creator of Hen’s Teeth) Customization & Hat bands are curated by the skilled craftsman Lorenzo Coppola and his art in saddlery work. A limited edition hatbox and a Hat Bag are also under construction.
In Hat We Trust!