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Braves & Company strive to preserve and blend the craft culture that is formed in an old Italian family of tailors, with the experience of making denim garments. Stefano comes from a family of tailors and he learned to make made to measure garments with the old traditional ways from his father. Later on, he switched to making garments the industrial way and focused on denim productions. The Atelier is the base of the brand, a small workshop, where all designs and patterns are made by hand. We make handmade garments and other products, mixing premium denim with high-quality fabrics and vintage garments. We upcycle old garments and use dead stock, in combination with raw denim. Repairing and mending of vintage denim are also one of the services that are offered.   From time to time, we find and bring in atelier goods from small makers like us. A part of the collection is stitched in small family workshops in Europe, mainly in Italy.

Our partners are important to us. They are the real makers and we want to highlight them and promote them. With its partners and collaborations, Braves & Company creates small batches of clothes and accessories, for eclectic customers who are self-confident and who seek fair timeless pieces and products of high quality. Braves take a step back from unbridled consumerism, trends and mass productions, offering a transparent product with a unique ID.  The selection of fabrics is made from high-end mills around the world and ordered in small lots. All garments are limited editions, numbered and signed by the makers. None of the fabrics are repeated. When a fabric finishes, a new lot is ordered. Braves & Company proudly collaborates with Berto Industria Tessile, one of the most respected Mills from Italy in Europe, since 1887 to get premium fabrics. Keeping their tradition alive but never ceasing to evolve in weaving and innovation, Berto supports Braves & Company to deliver together with Elleti Group and Mosca shirts, exclusively handcrafted garments through sustainability and social responsibility. Elleti Group from Italy supports us in stitching garments, respecting high-end standards and traditional methods in sewing. With their stitching facilities in Italy, Elleti as our dear partner will deliver a product with our ID, signed from the makers. Mosca Shirts, a family business in Treviso, cuts, sews and finishes the garments by hand, following the tradition of Italian tailoring, since 1973. We believe that a brand cannot exist without the people behind the scenes.  The customer who buys our product is informed about the fabric origin, stitching partner and trim suppliers.With my partner based in Crete, Greece, we make a small range of accessories out of vegetable tanned leather. No chemicals are used and the products are all natural. We make soap, that is 100% natural and made with pure olive oil, that can be used for handwashing denim. My main focus is menswear, and I started adding some statement styles for females, but they are very selected and special, with character.

My philosophy is ‘slow made goods’. I won’t follow seasons. I will keep on adding new styles continuously, in order to keep my customers excited. We want to promote the Mediterranean way of living that is a lifestyle, free of fast consumerism. I decided to stay out of the traditional seasons, as I only produce limited edition garments. When a style is sold out, a new one will come. Inspirations come from themes or eras, and are not trend driven. However, the garments are contemporary and reflect this era that we live in. Within our collections, we like to create characters and not follow the given trends. The 1st items were basic essentials and now we are slowly starting to be inspired by vintage worker styles, riders and western influences, but also iconic styles of the ‘30s and ‘40s.