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The concept of Fruttameccanika was born due to a specific necessity of the author, in this way he laughs at sex, exalting its obsession; this is
for what concerns the physical part. A metaphysical part exists as well, the one of experience, creativity and life. Altering the photographic subject with a zip, it becomes an erotic object and all the shapes and colours trace back to a vagina as if every natural thing became female. Reflecting on this matter we can state that, in fact, nature for what it offers is concave and therefore female. A provocative and desecrating side exists too, more tied to an artistic meaning, that is what art intends to give. By changing the object-subject original figure and adding a zip, you fully change the form (not the physical appearance of the subject which remains unaltered and anyway recognisable) but you change the aspect of the intellectual form that, generating new forms in this way, carries the observer to a creative experience.