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Probably the stiffest competition il the western wear field come in the wide assortment of western shirts, with many top manufacturers working wide open to turn out better western shirt. The pace is terrific, with each company seeking better design, styling, fit, fabric, and price. Each year you feel they have saturated the possibilities of design in yokes, cuffs, collars, sleeves, pockets, and snap button design and arrangement – but always is something new. One of the big ones, H Bar C, employs fabric artist to design panels of the new fabrics. First these are done as Paintings, then the mills set to work turning out a fabric to exactly match the artist’s competition. These are so exact that one can scarcely tell the finished fabric from the artist’s rendition. The Perfection of “match” is almost unbelieveable. A Denver Firm, Miller & co., currently divides  its shirt line into five groups, each with its own particular features. Using the Miller groupings most of the other manufactures’ line would fall into much the same categories. The shirt pictured help show a few of teh current style available from a number of leaders in the western shirt field. Group 1 called the Cactus stitches and features one of the newest, almost revolutionary style ideas to comes forward in western shirt in many years. This striking stitch treatment on varius fabrics has received tremendous acceptance.Group 2 consist of the conventional boys’ western shirt that are sold as utility shirt in the west. This is the one that is styled “just like a dad’s”Group 3 features the matching shirts which have rapidly gained in for teenage  couples, or for the whole family, these look-alike shirts are the answer for people who like their western wear to match. Made for men, woman, girl, and boys. Group 4 consist of the individual shirts for men all of which now have the permanent collar stays. Floral patterns are going strong, as well some new short sleeve numbers.

Group 5 is made up of the individual ladies’ shirt style and these do not match any of the men’s shirt. in this group you will find a wide selection of collar, sleeve, and snap treatment, as well as a full range of fabrics. one of the giants of the western wear industry.

H BAR C maintains showrooms in Los Angeles, Denver, and New York City where a constant showing is held featuring the very latest styles and fabrics in the extensive H BAR C line. Alert merchandisers, they not only keep up with the fast pace of new developments in snap arrangements, but they help accelerate the pace…by creating.

Poul Christenfeld maintains that “anyone can copy a style, design, or fabric after it becomes popular; but to be a leader in this field one must create the new!” Poul admits that some new style catch on immediately, some are slower in catching on, and now and then an idea will just die on the vine. Here are some of H bar C’s features for ’59. A little more than ten years ago, Sam Mandelbaum started out with a sample line of ten men’s western shirt. From a little one room office, Sam did all the traveling and selling. Today, Sam Mandelbaum is president and founder of Karman, once of the recognized leaders in the western wear industry. Karman, is still strong on matching western set for the family; although, like other manufacturers, they still maintain a strong market in individual styles, design, and fabric for man, woman, or children.