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elvio portreit

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m an eclectic artist. Variety artist for 25 years, I have performed both in Italy and abroad in theatres, television, circuses. I have gained experience of working and social life. I was one of the first lane clowns in Italy. Art has helped me to express my social discomfort and has always provoked strong emotions. Four years ago I started taking pictures of passers-by in the street with a mobile phone, so my love for street photography was born.

Where do you live?

I live in Milan, a city ideal for my genre thanks to the many events it offers.

What style of photography are you currently engaged in?

My genre is Street photography which I’ve been practicing since the beginning, at the moment I’m busy with Portraits.

How could we define the type of photography you express?

Expressionist! I try to capture a natural moment from an intriguing situation.

How do you think photography has changed in recent years?

Today the technological means do magic! Personally I am a romantic and I avoid retouching programs as much as possible!

Today we photograph a lot and we communicate more through images than through words. What do you think of this trend?

I think that communication between people should take place both with images and words, but in the hectic world in which we live the image comes first.

Are you photographing other photographers in your past and present career?

I love to follow all kinds of photography and observe the work of my colleagues, but street photography is my passion.

What machine body and objectives are you working with?

I always photograph with my Leica Q , with fixed lens 28 1.7

Tell us about your latest project?

My last project was Players, an exhibition of significant Portraits.

What is the most difficult thing to photograph and what gratifies you most?

I Find architectural photography difficult. I like the reportage of everyday life.

Give advice to users who follow us on DENIM BOULEVARD and who want to continue and invest in photography.

I advise Denim Boulevard users to practice as much as possible, study the history of photography and great photographers. Finally, get to know your camera well.