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The Tela Genova Spring Summer 2020 campaign tells and conveys the nostalgic dualism between past and present as an expression of one’s identity beyond time. Authentic moments are captured through the naturalness of analog photography, where the brand’s “raw” image is enhanced by the film and travels in parallel with its refined and essential flavor. Tela Genova is the protagonist of a story of passion for unique garments, synonymous with Italian excellence, which combine denim and worker style – respectively the brand’s heritage and DNA – with tradition and contemporary trends. The Tela Genova man represents the voice of an attitude, that of keeping time inexorably, looking to the future with the awareness of yesterday’s values ​​and tomorrow’s transformations. A peripheral Milan in the early spring, with its brutalist architecture from the early 1960s, is a scenario and perspective view of the present time, a lucid reflection on freedom to be preserved as a precious asset now more than ever.