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Indie Music. Counter Culture. Art. History.
These are the very defining elements of pop culture that drive Fam of Kerbside&Co. when he conjures up images for his garment designs. With those aspects in mind, the clothes that roll off the production line get a fresh take on what was once called heritage style or post heritage. The brand does not do seasonal releases but instead works with what the Japanese factories have to offer with regards to their deadstock fabrics and surplus items and Fam moves on from there, making small batches of clothing at a time. Contrary to popular beliefs, not all deadstock fabrics are offered at the lower end of the price scale. More often than not, they carry a hefty price for being the last few rolls of coveted material that some brands clamour for.

Four strong years in the business has seen Fam refining his palette with the silhouette and drape of his clothes while still retaining his belief in using higher end trims to tie it all down into one cohesive piece of garment.

In the upcoming months, he will be working with another talent, Kumi J for her perspective on his brand of utilitarian style clothing. Based on preliminary sketches, it has been promising thus far with its play on fabrics and cuts whilst staying true to Kerbside&Co.’s brand of functional style with workwear sensibilities.

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