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Nestled in the valleys near Aosta there is a small oasis of peace and unspoiled and wild nature that is difficult to access: few huts or stables, streams, meadows and pastures that evoke the life of American Cowboys. Here thanks to the photographer Davide Fanton some of the suggestive moments spent together with René, Giovanna, Luca and Beatrice are immortalized on film. All enriched by Raw Hat ‘western’ hats, the jackets and outerwear of the Shangri-la Heritage collection, the selected vintage by Dannyru and archival items by Levi’s Vintage in typical American style.          Davide Fanton is an Italian photographer who currently lives and works in Milan in both fashion and art fields.

There are places that are part of the past, present and future. This is one of those.      It is exactly in this place (whose name I don’t want to tell you) that Davide Fanton took these photos, in a beautiful and colorful October.  A simple place, full of nature and also a little mystical for me.  Larch woods are the masters who climb the flanks of the pointed mountains. It is a wild and severe place where wild animals hide and peer. Only the horses are watching you but as always in a detached way as they graze the fresh grass of the day. In the center, the stream cuts the large lawn into two slices while in its transparent waters the fish hide and await the hatching of the last insects before winter. Every time I brought someone to these woods he came home with a beautiful memory and every time I go back there I find it hard to understand why. The answer is simple, this is a place that drags you back, or perhaps high, thousands of kilometers away without actually moving much. It is like being in a movie, one of those “American” movies (as my grandfather said), those where people lived on the prairie, in simplicity and in close contact with everything. It’s a bit of my west, and we can only be cowboys. Did we forget who we are and where we come from? Well, it can be but to remember it sometimes  very simple and to do it you just have to unplug it. In fact, here I often come to fish, to be alone but never alone, to breathe and regain consciousness about who I am. Water is the element that washes everything away, clear as air and cold as snow. And the snow will arrive soon, once again to cover the valley like every year. It is here that a branch of my ancestors grew, worked and died and with ease one day I will stop there too. For now I enjoy pretending to be inside those “American” movies.