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The history of American label Victory Optical is the history of a four generations’ family run business so let’s take it step-by-step. Founded in 1936 by Italian origins immigrated Vincent J. Salierno a man flaunting a strong work ethic, an impeccable sense of style and a vivid wish to make his mark on the world Victory Optical (which will be later based out of its Newark NJ manufacturing plant) has always been based upon original and elegant values. Actually already in its very first times, thanks to the vision and know-how of the founder Victory Optical drew attention and built a fame for innovation, quality and top design. Not for nothing year after year the brand grew in style and attitude, and conquered popular characters like Waylon Jennings, Reggie Jackson, Suzy Chaffee, Connie Francis, Phil Silvers, Jerry Lewis plus many more remarkable figures. Soon after, given that the- re was need to expand, Salierno invited his two sons-in-law joining him in the creative family affair, then this trio navigated Victory Optical into a position of leadership, both producing distinctive optical frames and stylish sunglasses and becoming one of the first American optical manufacturers to sign designer licenses and to work with Geoffrey Beene one of his time in the van clothing designers. No surprise if Victory Optical at full effect was producing 10,000 frames a day with 300 employees… Sixteen years after Salierno’s pas- sing, Victory Optical is still owned and run by the same family likewise with the same savoirfare. De facto, nowadays Victory’s particular looks are being relaunched by Salierno’s grandson William Marfuggi, who’s been in the optical business for over thirtyfive years through a series of retrochic eyewear that is alluring a new clientele of fashion forward people. And this is not by chance. In fact William noticed the strong return of vintage moods & trends in fashion, cinema and beyond; so his instinct suggested him it was the right time to resurrect the unmistakable designs of his grandfather and father, digging into the family archive in order to put them back into production. Sticking to Victory Optical’s both creative and proactive heritage on top of that. ‘Guaranteed success’ in other words! That’s why the label is faithfully reproducing its most winning historical styles taking the cue from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s in primis for its ‘Victory Heritage’ collection, featuring cool silhouettes such as the Cerice, Miss Exec, El Ria, Roman, Fino, Tang etc; then there’s as well a second line of optical frames influenced by VO original designs aka the ‘Victory Inspired’ with hip models like the Boz, Joe C, Slim Oval, Tony or Eye Play (and more); finally the brand also has a range of unique ‘Suntimers’ sunglasses such as the 578, USA 333, Fairhaven, USA 549, Bromley and the list goes lovely on…

Returning to the history of VO and William Marfuggi, as he was taught by his grandfather, when William began his apprenticeship under Salierno’s watchful eye, now Marfuggi who’s always been working in design, manufacturing, retail sales, importing and marketing as company president relies on the family’s fourth generation, his two children Will & Cristina, for their young professionals’ strategic tips (recently, in 2014, William promoted Cristina as the director of operations, further continuing the family tradition). And this small, independent eyewear company which is reproducing truly authentic retro eyewear designs (from the ‘40s to the ‘70s) has always been close to social issues too. Actually Vincent Salierno was active in civic organizations and sponsored an orphanage and hospital in Italy; after his death, The Vincent Salierno Scholarship was set up through the American Optometric Foundation and the American Academy of Optometry, and over one hundred students have benefited from that. Reason why Salierno’s family will bring on his legacy with the same work ethic and characteristic flair their forefather used to make an immortal and classy brand of. You see, saying Victory Optical is like saying romp to victory in style.