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Close to the Ponte di Santa Trinità in Florence there is Dexter Store, a shop called by the owner himself as “out of time” and that offers a selection of Italian and foreign vintage clothes as well as several iconic items from the world of sportswear selvedge denim and heritage, always with a little twist and with a lot of unique and interesting details. Marco Meacci, the mind behind Dexter, has always been a regular client of many secondhand stores, those stores that we now call vintage, since his childhood, in Florence always looking for unique and unmissable items. The decision to make his passion become his work was a natural step for him. He has been working in the clothing industry since 1980 and began his experience in prestigious stores in Florence starting from Oliver, a historic men’s store in the center of the Tuscan city and famous, as well as for the various brands sold, even for its own clothing production especially regarding the trouser line. Meacci then worked for 20 years at Raspini, a synonymous of quality, where he later took the post of head of men’s department. He also worked as style and textile consultant for many American companies, and was lately hired by the famous brand Yohji Yamamoto. These were the golden years of the Japanese brand, full of many interesting ideas and inspirations, with consumption constantly growing and where fashion represented a sociological phenomenon of primary importance. Finally, in 2010, Marco Meacci decided to open his own small business to express his personality without having to follow too much fashion trends of the moment. Nowadays in a world where, with the advent of the Inter- net, web stores and social networks, consumption has changed and the offer has reached exponential levels, where stores have lost part of their importance due to this frag- mentation, Dexter remains a direct bridge between the shopkeeper and the consumer and its strength is the dialogue you have when pur- chasing. The selection of Dexter’s collection is inspired by the past, and Meacci himself inherited his passion for history, adventure and uniforms from his father who was an officer of the armed forces. The store offers a mix of new and used garments in perfect condition even if they date back to 40 years ago and all the brands are exclusively selected following the personal taste of the owner, without any fashion or trend’s influence. The typical customer of Dexter is a person who appreciates the quality and style of the past, who knows how to recognize the materials and the good workmanship of the garments and that often knows the origin and the history of a brand. A person who appreciates the efforts of the owner of the store in helping him choose, suggesting intere- sting ideas and always offering him something unique that has a personal style and a close attention to details. All products must be simple and functional, with a good quality that can be worn by people of any age. In addition, an exclusive project of the store is the reproduction of jackets, shirts and trousers inspired by the original models of the owner’s personal archive and redone with fabrics made by small local Tuscan workshops. But the collection of Dexter comes mainly from Made in Italy brands often produced in neighboring are- as such as the Impermeabile from Empoli. However, there are also foreign brands, the most important thing is that they’d mix well with the rest of the store that looks like an immense wardrobe where you can find different clothes to com- bine and build your own personal style. Marco Meacci personally selects all the companies with whom to collaborate based on a vintage or heritage vision. The inspiration is oriented towards the Workwear and the Military, aimed in particular at all those garments that refer to the ‘20s,’ 30s and ‘40s. When coming to Denim, the collections from Tela Genova stand out and Dexter was absolutely the first customer of the brand in Florence, if not in Tuscany. Their products are very different in their look and fit from many other brands without losing a particular attention to the past and the tradition. Their evolution in development is very interesting as they have expanded and elaborated the new collections, using fabrics “da- ted” and “lived” while at the same time avoiding to be confine only in the world of Denim.