We share with you, people from the fashion and denim world, a letter from Naveena denim, that, we think, bring up the values and actions that will help us go through and overcome the difficult situation we all are in. Dear Denim Lover,
At Naveena denim, we believe that, now, more than ever, is a good time to rethink about sustainability.Dominant sustainability discussions have always been based on “efficiency”, “productivity”, “scarcity”. Today, in the wake of COVID-19, sustainability takes on a whole another meaning. Let’s remind ourselves that sustainability is also about “abundance” – abundance of human virtues such as kindness, generosity and willingness to care for others – which are unlimited.
Simple acts of generosity has the ability to change us, our emotions, our world almost immediately.
We are confident that we can emerge from this outbreak stronger, united and more resilient.
Let’s be wise. Be kind. Be gentle. Be unselfish. Consider the other person’s point of view, experience, and create fresh bonds. We have a great opportunity to be a source of strength and support for one another Let’s be Jeanerous.

Our best wishes,

Naveena Denim Mills