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Born in Cincinnati, on November 5, 1911, Roy Rogers was an American cinema and music legend, known as the “King of the Cowboys” .He was the protagonist of over 80 films and 100 episodes of TV series together with his second wife and actress Dale Evans “Queen of the West”, his palomino horse Trigger and his dog Bullet, he was the symbol of the American hero of the Western epic.  In the 50s series “The Roy Rogers Show” set in California, accompanied by the actor Pat Brady and the rough  troublemaker Gabby Hayes, Roy plays the owner of the Ranch Double R in the Mineral City area and together with his friend Pat , driving a jeep called “NellyBelle”, is often helping the ones threatened by cattle thieves and foul sheriffs.
Before entering the world of entertainment, he used to get by as a truck driver and a peach picker. He moved to California in 1930 at the age of 18, and founded the band “Sons of Pioneers”. Hollywood studios gave him a  contract for $ 75 a week as a cowboy singer, but also the image that made him famous. Wide-brimmed hat, boots and guitar was the Nr 1 of US box offices for a decade. After the Second World War, where he had served as  an aviator for the Army Air Corps, he dedicated himself to the Rodeo with a show that made him a millionaire, later, invested in property and in a fast-food chain named after him.
Well known is his memorabilia museum near his home place in Apple Valley, California, where his Trigger horse was stuffed , after he died at the age of 33.
Ray Rogers died in 1998 at the age of 86. The museum was  closed in 2011.
“If there were no valleys of sadness and death, we could never really appreciate the sunshine of happiness on the mountain top”