LUDWICK MARISHANE X DOCKERS Ludwick Marishane is the founder and inventor of DryBath®the first waterless body wash.In the 11th grade, Ludwick invented DryBath®, a waterless bathing alternative.Now 28, Ludwick is working to bring higher standards of personal hygiene to communities without access to clean water.

What is DryBath®?

DryBath® is a cleansing gel that allows you to bathe without water. By replacing showers, DryBath® conserves water, saving people time and money where water is scarce.

How did you come up with DryBath®?

In high school, living in a rural community without a geyser or reliable electricity, I begrudgingly relied on bucket-bathing to get clean every day. One day, a friend asked why a waterless body wash hadn’t been invented yet and a light bulb went on in my head.

How did you get DryBath® off the ground?

I invented DryBath® in the 11th grade, using my cellphone to research and write a 40-page business plan and product patent. With those, I won an Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship for high school aged entrepreneurs, which helped me build the networks I needed to gain traction. Through business plan competitions, I was able to raise over $100,000 in funding.

What’s new with DryBath®?

Recently, the Dockers® team and I brought my solution to my hometown, Motetema. With the DryBath® gel, we were able to bathe my whole town with only 20 jerrycans of water. Now, I’m tackling the challenge of making DryBath® affordable and accessible to low-income communities.

What would you tell other people trying to change the status quo?

It’s not just about a great idea — it’s about perseverance, hard work and spirit. You have to be willing to learn and solve problems with 
limited resources. I started DryBath® with an allowance of $5 a week, using my cellphone for research. What’s your excuse?