Davide Biondi is a talented illustrator, graphic designer, biker and passionate for art! During its long experience developed during the years, he has created prints and graphics for important international brands and events in the clothing and fashion world, besides being with Denim Boulevard from the first edition – producing all the graphics and illustrations by hand for our Milan event. Furthermore it has developed also many personal projects like one of the most recent: Hen’s Teeth – a kit of timeless garments, immortal icons inside the clothing world far from temporary trends. Below you find What Davide said about his last work:

Hen’s Teeth originates from the wish to realize a timeless standard kit of garments, anything you could need contained in a bag. It is based on what history has always considered immortal icons, clothing pieces which are not temporary. All strictly Made in Italy.

We start with pair of jeans: designed with the ‘classical details’ which made this piece go down in history, realized with a never washed ‘rigid selvage’ denim and made with old shuttle looms. Before the first washing, the jeans must be daily worn for at least six months: that way it takes your shapes and at the same time it wears out and draws a track of what your life and habits are. Almost like unique and always different fingerprints… The jeans tells who we are.

Let’s go on with a crewneck raglan-sleeve sweatshirt: a really immortal piece everyone must have; it grew in the ’30s as work and sportswear accessory always finding its own space into fashion and culture. Well-thought-out  in every minimal detail, it shows a 100% Italian fabric oblique cotton fleece.

And there’s also a bandana: this famous ‘kerchief” was first used by cowboys to protect themselves from dust; later it was used by bikers and pinups or just as workwear item, always maintaining a function of basic accessory in the years. As time went by it acquired different meanings from the change of its colours to the way of wearing it.

To end with hand-made Italian socks: made with 100% hand-picked organic cotton.