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IRON&RESIN1Itw by Antonio Isaja.

Pics by Denis Piccolo; product pics by Riccardo Miracoli


Spring 2015 collection by Iron & Resin drew inspiration from our adventures in Mojave desert: where yucca plants, buckwheat and juniper can be found next to torrents, granite and the desert’s light that forms a scenario of unique colours, with a gorgeous sky as a background. In the new line you’ll find rich hues, ‘washed-out’ tones inspired by the desert, natural washes and customized fabrics telling our story through the colours and structure of our materials. It is all a result of Iron & Resin’s ‘western heritage’ influenced style. Garments and accessories that are designed for the journey, in a world where to find a shelter is possible for the ones who wish to discover it.IRON&RESIN2WHAT KIND OF FABRICS DID YOU USE AND WHAT STYLISTIC CHOICES DID YOU ADOPT IN TERMS OF FIT?

We’ve always been using American cotton to the full extent (InR collections are all designed and made in the USA) using it within wide selection of product: from t-shirts and knitwear’s jersey to the shirts’ 4,5 oz. chambray, 6 oz. denim and poplin, falso the 10 oz. denim and canvas jackets (some of which coated like the classic ‘Rambler Jacket’) twill and ‘1000 stripe corduroy’ for chinos and shorts. We also mix cotton and polyester in 50-50 ‘poly-cotton’ yarns for the mélange, also for some of the tees and 80-20 for the french terry knitwear (for Spring 2015 also inside-out french terry loop version), cotton is being mixed with linen for some shirts and in the end with polyester and spandex for the ‘tri-blend’ yarn we use in our ‘hybrid’ board shorts Days Of Our Lives (pretty cool as walkshorts too). Finally, for board shorts we use polyester super suede microfiber and the classic ‘4-ply taslan’ nylon, enhanced with Pendleton wool side inserts. We put a lot of time in setting and restyling the fit of our Engineer Chino to get a wearability that regular chinos should have, with added ‘dry’ look to it, we’ve called it Slim Straight, and we’re very happy with it. For the rest of the walkshorts collection we’ve selected some ‘classic fits’ very similar to the one of the Engineer Chino. The same concept was adopted for the jackets’ fit inspired by the ’40s-’50s American work-jackets, and the shirts based on work-shirts from the same era and the traditional Hawaiian aloha-shirts, that we’ve called Classic Tailored. Regarding the fit of sweaters, knitwear and tees we got a classic-fit we can describe as a good middle ground between regular and slim-fit.IRON&RESIN9WHAT ARE THE PIECES YOU TRUST IN THE MOST? IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THIS COLLECTION’S BEST-SELLING ITEMS TO BE?

As usual for our summer collections, the t-shirts were very appreciated for the beauty of their prints. Among those ones the absolute best sellers were the Live Fast and the Let’s Get Dirty, even their names reflect how much they represent InR’s philosophy. We’re very happy about the success of the walkshorts Tour in ‘pin dot’ 6 oz. denim, and Canyon that are in velvet with waist-cord fastening, both very appreciated for originality and colours. Among shirts we believe certain best-sellers will be the Blake- aloha-shirt reinterpreted in InR style, and our short-sleeve, three button placket Lance Pullover Shirt. The logo-institutional sweaters Corrode and Loop Out (in reverse french-terry) are the top-range items, while for jackets, besides the revival of classic Rambler Jacket (traditional trucker jacket in coated cotton), particularly admired was the Mill Jacket (inspired by the typical American chore coats) in its unwashed denim version. More reboots then came in the accessories line, in particular for the full grain leather motorcycle gloves (Café Glove above all), trucker-hats (Depot), bandanas and the InR Camp Mug, our already classic enameled steel camp-cup. Finally, a proper treat; the first days of May we’ll be in-store with an exclusive capsule-collection, fruit of the collaboration between InR and Bruce Brown Films, the Californian movie studio of the director of “The Endless Summer” and “On Any Sunday”, which are the two excellent cult-movies for all surf and motorcycling enthusiasts (in which, amongst others, starred Steve McQueen who, in the spare time off of his motorbike jaunts, used to be a ‘decent’ Hollywood actor).