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MATT HIND ITWMatt Hind (professional photographer who curated the snapshots-show dedicated to the Denim Boulevard 2014) joined Art College straight after school to study Fine arts; then went on to work as a picture editor and art-director in the advertising industry during the early ’90s. It was during this time that he realized that becoming a photographer was his passion. He began to find inspiration in the work of American photographers such as Edward Weston, Sally Mann and Bruce Weber. It was the time he spent living in California that influenced his work the most; here he learnt how to work with natural light while developing a love for working outdoors. This eventually developed into an interest for more classical styles of photography, which gave him a very distinctive style that was highly appreciated in the high-end fashion industry. This unique style of   taking photographs (Matt often says) helps him immerse himself in the humanity around him… always looking for emotional authenticity in his own images, he likes to think that his images are seen as a romantic appreciation of life.MATT HIND ITWMatt works together with fellow photographer and creative director Nick Clements on Men’s File Magazine. They have known each other for over 20 years and have always had mutual respect for each other’s work. Nick came up with the idea for Men’s File whilst studying at The Royal College of Art, and for the last six years Men’s File has given them both the opportunity to pursue personal projects, without losing sight of the magazine’s main goal. To trace and illustrate themes in Men’s style and clothing, heavily focusing on the influences of mid-century design and culture. Along with this they have had the chance to collaborate with some of Britains most respected designers, including Margaret Howell, Nigel Cabourn and the style story for Men’s File, which was inspired by the painter Georgia O’Keefe and developed in New Mexico. Matt’s latest project is based around a volume on ‘Vintage Girls’. This will be published by Men’s File Archive at the end of the year and is dedicated to MF photo-books… stay tuned!MATT HIND ITW